Nestor Arenas

Néstor Arenas (b. Holguín, Cuba, 1964). He graduated from the Higher Institute of Art (Havana, 1990). Arenas has widely exhibited his work at solo exhibitions and group shows throughout the U.S., Cuba, Spain and China. Recent exhibitions include, 12th Havana Biennial (2015), “Legopaintings” (Lyle O’Reitzel Gallery, Miami, 2010), Arteaméricas Art Fair (Miami, 2009 and 2010), Shanghai Art Fair (China, 2010). His work is part of several private and corporate collections such as, Forrest Capital (Miami), The Mosquera Collection (Miami), Jorge Reynardus  Collection (New York and Sarasota), Leigh University (Pennsylvania), Universidad de Valencia (Spain), among others.

When the work of Arenas is seen in perspective, a warning must be made on the pronounced iconographic trajectory. An iconography deeply tangled with the history he personally lived in Cuba, as much as the one he had to live through outsideof. His landscapes, neo- gurative and abstract at the sametime, project visions where the historical and the personal biography cohabitate. The same way in which he presents the capitalist world. “As I mentioned previously the work of Arenas submerges us in an imagination where memories are smelted, our drives and our desires. That which we have obtained, also, everything that we have lost. Losses and gains that return to us with the appearance of things and personal belongings and at the same time phantasmagorical. Images close but out of focus, distant landscapes and at the same time domestic