Laura Villarreal

“What we live for and what we learn in the course of our lives, becomes what we are; it attaches to convert us in our own selves. This new self reflects on everything we do each moment of our life.  
Since my birth in the 70`s I grew up in a country of pure and violent colours; vivid place for festivities, unusual costumes; vibrant objects. A country that fights to return to a past life that had been snatched away and at the same time tries to preserve its homogeneity as a nation. 
Discovering later a world based on precision and efficiency where the people have built everything in it to its own image and resemblance, has made me uncover two worlds so opposite to each other but at the same time so similar. This similarity is due to the fact that everything goes back to the same beginning: the human being. In my work I portrait that human being, from wherever he may be and I make it global and homogeneous. All those differences between nations disappear in the canvas.  
The inspiration for this work comes from my own world, from my very own ancestral roots. A work in which flashes of memory come to life as I use the brush to imprint this visions. Paint over paint, as seen in the walls of Mexico; vibrant colours; letters that become a voice and lines that convert into graffiti are my form of expression. This is a work where things are not said, they are just a sublime suggestion.” 

Born in Monterrey, Mexico; Laura Villarreal initiated her art studies at the University of North Carolina. Later she continued her work in New York City at The New York School of Visual Arts and the Art Students’ League. In 2011, she graduated from the Universidad de Barcelona with a Master’s Degree in Analysis and Management of Contemporary Art.  
She currently resides in Miami and has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Latin America and the United States which include the Instituto Cultural de Mexico in Miami, the Embassy of Chile in Washington D.C., the Centro Cultural Fatima in Mexico and the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles. She was selected to participate in Arte Americas 2009 and 2010 as part of the Mexican Pavilion in Miami, FL in addition to numerous art fair participations. Her work is part of private and public collections throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe.  

The focus of Laura’s work is the human being. She grasps reality and returns back inside to process the images of her daily life. The result is an urban vision plagued of imaginary beings that come to life in the canvas and still retain an essence of reality.