Based in Miami,  Josafat Miranda  Mexican artist uses his imagination to feed his rich endeavor. Fabric, wood , aluminum, paper and cardboard acting simply as active surfaces in living escapist images. Thus, the purpose of this graduate of the National school of the Fine Art is based on precise drawing and love for detail. An incorporating different materials as graphite, silver , gold, acrylic and the ancient technique of encaustic. With a distinct sense of movement , his paintings are translations of life. This brings a knowledge of life with a process of small hidden things of everyday  life.

Josafat Miranda is now residing in South Florida. He  doesn't limits himself to the use of canva; He also uses wood, aluminum, paper, and cardboard as surfaces for his imagery. Miranda’s work begins with the basic principle of drawing with extreme precision and detail then incorporating different materials such as graphite, silver and gold leaf, acrylic, and the ancient technique of encaustic. His installations are representational of many of his paintings and give a feeling of movement and performance


Josafat Miranda