Isabel Brinck

Chilean born, Isabel Brinck graduated with honors in Graphic Design from the University of Chile and worked in this field for many years. Isabel paints professionally since 1999 & lives and works in Miami since 2003. 
Isabel has showed her work throughout the US and Latin America. She was selected to participate in Arte Americas 2009 & 2010, Palm Beach Art Fair 2010, WAG Croatia 2013, Buenos Aires II Biennale 2014, where she got a special prize in painting and Art Spectrum 2013, 2014 and 2015, Red Dot Art Fair 2017, among others. 
Her knowledge of Graphic Design has been the foundation of her serious and constant work thus achieving compositions with a perfect balance between form, color and space. She produces a peculiar Neo-figuration, overflowing with a universe of characters, almost self-contained, often human-like, which the artist draws as she works. Isabel works predominantly in the medium of oil painting. Her use of color is a celebration of light that continually delights the eye and engages the mind.  

Isabel intends to use her art as a way of finding her own inner child, her own magic. She returns to this world through her paintings, her stories. Once submerged and reunited with the freedom that offers being a child again, she releases herself from the more complex, looking at adults human relationships with a little bit of sarcasm and humor. 

"I want to capture experiences, relationships, deep emotions, and how everything affects our existence. I create paintings as complex as life, environments authentic and nourishing that explode when exposed to light, where you can visually come and go as you please and each time experience an essence of something new, as life is, always in motion".