Participating artists are Néstor Arenas, Daniel Bottero, Nahila Campos, Othón Castaneda, Daniel Fiorda, Gabriel Garcilazo, Antonio Guerrero, Leni Ibargüengoytia, Josafat Miranda, Marcia Ramos-Perelló, David Sánchez and Alejandro Vigilante.

di-verse explores the ways in which artists use line as the starting point in their work, either conscious or unconscious, whether directly or indirectly. 

By pressing pencil onto paper, brushing acrylic onto a surface, finding a photographic composition or sculpting it into a piece, artists keep line as a mystery in the creative process. 

Painting might use line to limit form in representation of the subject matter; a photographic composition can become the line itself and a drawing may be achieved by playing with an imaginary line. This element of art can be a protagonist in the final piece or transform into a ghost; that although the starting point, now fades away to become nothing. 

A group of artists that approach the line in different ways to create a final piece in which the diversity of styles can only be bonded together by this unifying element. 


Line as the unifying element of creation.