Babette Herschberger was born in Indiana, she currently lives and works in Miami, Florida. An alumni of ArtCenter/South Florida, Babette’s work has been in exhibitions at The Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, the Florida Gulf Coast University Gallery, Caldwell University’s Visceglia Gallery and in the Hollywood Art and Cultural Center Biennial among others. Recently, her work was selected by Rene Morales, curator at the Perez Art Museum Miami to be included in the publication New American Paintings issue #112. 
“I’m particularly inspired by expansive landscapes that offer a stark contrast of natural elements and manmade objects like signs, billboards, and architecture. The foundation of my current work begins with a very considered paper collage, which ultimately acts as a drawing within the completed piece. These emerging drawings initiate the back-and-forth conversations I have with the work which is resolved by purposefully minimizing composition and emphasizing color and surface. My works intend to suggest structures, objects, and landscapes; they’re essentially a recreation of the visual compositions that I encounter in my daily life.” 


Babette Herschberger